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It’s no news that careers in the music industry can feel gate-kept, exclusive and full of barriers. The Freeform Forum mentorship programme is the answer to this; Relentless and Small Green Shoots have paired up to offer mentorship to young creatives working on their own live projects. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the opportunity to apply for £10K funding to bring that idea to life. Not too shabby. 

As part of the programme, you’ll be connected to one of our Mentors ENNY, TSB, Elliot Hensford and Tajana Tokyo – some of the UK's leading music talent in production, photography and film. For six weeks, these experts will dig deep and offer their best advice for any live project you’ve got going on. 

No project? No worries. For those just looking to improve their skills, each Mentor has also crafted tips & tricks, giving anyone who heads to the Freeform Forum site the chance to upskill and explore their creativity.

Welcome to Freeform Forum, a space that opens doors for young creative disruptors #withoutlimits.

Whether you’re working on a project that you’d love some creative guidance on, or simply want to learn new skills, you’re welcome here at the Freeform Forum.

In order to take you to the right page, we need to know; do you want to learn, or create?